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When you enter a shop or restaurant for the first time, probably the first thing you will notice is the environment – whether it is dark or well lit, neat or messy, and whether it smells nice or not – followed by the reception of the staff or owners (courteous, attentive, intrusive, cold or indifferent).

In the same way, a first-time visitor to a website will notice the design of the site and its text: this will have an influence on the user, affecting their perception of the quality of the brand and consequently the products/services it offers.

Writing content which meets the expectations of its intended audience is therefore of fundamental importance. A freelance copywriter is the right person for this job – a professional who can understand the needs of their client after studying the products or services they offer and understanding the needs of their potential customers in turn. It is possible to make modifications even after the copy has been delivered, allowing further refinement of the text to make it as suitable and accurate as possible.

The importance of your copy for Google (and the users)

The latest updates to Google’s algorithm (put simply, this algorithm is a set of rules which determine in which order the search engine displays the various matching websites in response to a user's search) have assigned great relevance to the quality of the copy contained on the pages of a website.

A question naturally arises: how can software determine if something is well written or not? There are numerous elements which can influence this judgement: the length of the text is a key pointer as to whether a topic has been dealt with thoroughly or only cursorily; the length of time a user spends on a given page provides feedback on their interest (or lack thereof) in the content, giving an idea of its legibility and quality; finally, the types of backlinks received and the popularity on social networks complete the overview of the elements which influence search engines.

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