Website SEO Analysis

Optimising a site to improve its positioning

Why is SEO Analysis important?

Identifying the on-site elements which prevent a site’s content from fulfilling its potential in terms of organic positioning is the first step which must be performed before moving on to off-site factors. Otherwise, there would be the risk of negating all off-site SEO work, or at least making it less effective, as well as reduced visibility in any PPC campaigns undertaken.

SEO analysis is a preparatory element to the optimisation and subsequent positioning of a site: ensuring that the above-mentioned elements conform to the standards outlined by the search engines is what is meant by optimising a site.

What does SEO Analysis involve?

Analysing a site from an SEO point of view means taking into consideration all elements which are given weight by the algorithms of the search engines, on the basis of which the Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs, are created. Each of them must meet given standards also suggested by the search engines themselves (the Google team has even drawn up a guide to website SEO optimisation).

Customers requesting an SEO analysis will receive a complete document with useful information on correcting any SEO issues on the site and plugging any gaps.

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