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My name is Giorgio Montaldo and I am an SEO Specialist and Web-Marketing Consultant – I perform optimisation and positioning of websites to maximise their visibility and traffic.

My first experience with the Internet dates back to 1994, when I purchased an Italia On Line connection kit. This new and exciting technology soon piqued my curiosity: I wanted to understand how it was possible to create content which could be accessed just as easily by someone thousands of miles away as by my next-door neighbour. I therefore started to read online HTML tutorials and was soon writing my first pages in the language behind the nascent worldwide web. I will never forget my excitement at seeing my own pages of text and images appear in my browser for the first time! Over the years I had the opportunity to learn more advanced web technologies, such as php and asp, as they were invented and developed, but I was always most interested in the sites I visited with greatest frequency during my online sessions: search engines.

Fascinated by the idea that there were complex algorithms responsible for classifying and ranking billions of web pages, I decided to study and learn the elements which determine a site’s positioning in search-engine results, which led to my discovery of the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Thanks also to my education, which included a degree in engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, I was able to apply what I had learned on the Internet and determine its effectiveness on sites which I had created myself and then performed optimisation and positioning on for given keywords. SEO to Web Marketing

My keen interest in search engines also allowed me to become a Google Quality Rater, contributing to the assessment of the effectiveness of Google's algorithm in order to provide users of the world's most popular search engine with the best possible results to their searches.

After working with CSI Piemonte (Piedmont information systems consortium) as a GIS Specialist (expert in digital mapping), and for the province and local authorities of Turin on their IT systems and updating their institutional websites, I then worked as an SEO Specialist for two years at SEMS, one of the top thirty Search Marketing agencies in the world.

Working in close contact with the top Italian SEO Specialists allowed me to get involved in complex, high-level projects on a daily basis, sharing and learning the best methodologies and strategies and keeping up to date on the latest SEO developments.

Today I work as an SEO Specialist and Web Marketing consultant on projects to achieve maximum web visibility for major Italian companies and multinationals, but also for local SMEs.

For information via telephone: +39 339 2672490

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