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Analytics Reports to optimise your investments

Analysing website statistics

Analysing the data provided by the most common web analytics platforms can shed light on important aspects which can be key to improving the visitor experience on your website and making the most of your web marketing investments. Many companies wrongly limit themselves to tracking a site without giving sufficient attention to processing and analysing the data.

For example, it is essential for an e-commerce site to know its conversion rate for each source of traffic to the site: knowing that visitors arriving from Facebook purchase more than visitors clicking through from an AdWords campaign should encourage you to focus your advertising budget on social media channels as opposed to PPC campaigns. Even within the same PPC campaigns it is possible to identify the most and least effective ads.

Web Analytics Reports

Numerous metrics are provided by the analytics toolkits now available on the market: the number of visitors, their session time, their geolocation, the number of pages they view, any interactions performed, and so on. It is therefore necessary to organise these metrics in a logical manner by creating (usually monthly) reports which are easy to read in order to obtain precise numbers which allow comparison over time.

This allows web-marketing consultants to provide their clients with reasoned choices for managing their budget and to assess the effectiveness of these choices.

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