Data Intelligence for optimising Digital Marketing

Measure, Analyse, Optimise

Measuring financial results month-on- month, year-on-year, is the only way to verify the success or failure of any enterprise, whether it is a start-up or an established business. In the same manner, the ROI of an online investment in the Digital Marketing sector (SEO, PPC campaigns, Social Media Marketing or other forms of advertising for a website) is easily quantifiable as long as a Web Analytics platform has been set up and correctly configured.

Analysing the data provided by web analytics platforms can shed light on important aspects which can be key to improving the visitor experience on your website and making the most of your Digital Marketing investments. Many companies wrongly limit themselves to tracking the most strategic metrics (and even do so incorrectly), without giving sufficient attention to extrapolating and analysing the data.

Un esempio di report mensile per le sorgenti di traffico di un sito

A rational approach with Data-Driven Marketing

It is essential for an eCommerce site to measure and analyse its sales conversion rate for each source of traffic to the site: knowing that visitors arriving from Facebook purchase more, in percentage terms, than visitors clicking through from a Google Ads campaign can justify upping the Facebook budget. It can also encourage the consultant to improve the performance of the PPC campaigns through detailed analysis of the data describing the user behaviour for that specific traffic source.

Numerous metrics are provided by the analytics toolkits: the number of visitors, their session time, the bounce rate, the users’ geolocation, the number of pages they view, the type of device used to browse the site, any interactions performed and so on. It is therefore necessary to organise these metrics in a logical manner by creating (usually monthly) reports which are easy to read and understand, in order to obtain precise numbers which allow comparison for the entire duration of the project.

Analysing the visitor-behaviour data gathered will allow the Web Marketing consultant to provide the client with reasoned choices in terms of budget management strategies (Data-Driven Marketing) and to assess the long-term effectiveness of these choices together.

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